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Navred Reef



Navred Reef, real name: Tom Van der Feer, (1932-1982) was a Dutch/American photographer and director.  He photographed nude models and produced 8mm film loops.  (Some of the loops featured a young Linda Lovelace).  Working closely with Zebedy Colt, he created several full-length erotic movies including Unwilling Lovers, Sharon, Dutch Treat, Hollywood Goes Hard and Angie Police Woman.  He distributed some of Gerard Damiano’s early films, too.  Unfortunately, Reef depended on the Lucchese mafia family to distribute his films.  He also became involved with other organized crime figures, who were committing credit card fraud.  In 1982 his body was found in a car parked in downtown Manhattan, with 11 bullet wounds.

Navred Reef made films typical of the Golden Age of Erotic Films: rough sexual art, with clumsy humor, but remarkable for their straightforwardness.

A link to Sharon and Playgirls of Munich:

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