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Young and Beautiful



Young and Beautiful (2013) is an erotic French film about Isabelle, a young woman discovering her sexuality.  After losing her virginity during summer vacation, she is disappointed that she feels nothing about it.  She returns to Paris and becomes a sex worker.  An older client, of whom she is fond, dies while they are together.  She is devastated by this.  In the end, however, she finds some peace about his death.  Multiple sexual acts are depicted, though no penetration is shown.  Marine Vacth portrays Isabelle, and Charlotte Rampling appears in a small role.  Francois Ozon wrote and directed the film.  Nominated for a Palme d’Or and two César Awards, the movie won San Sebastián International Film Festival and Silver Condor Awards.

Young and Beautiful is a strangely moving film exploring a young woman’s sexual coming-of-age.  Marine Vacth is both exquisite and a fine actor.  Highly recommended.

                                                                                      S. Gray

August 2023

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