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History of My Life



History of My Life or Histoire de ma vie (1822) is the memoir of Giacomo Casanova, the Venetian adventurer.  Originally published in censored editions, an unexpurgated version was only released in 1962.  The manuscript, upon which the book is based, is 3,700 pages long, written in French and covers the years up to 1774.  In the memoir Casanova (1725-1798) recounts his life: soldier, gambler, artist, writer, spy, con man and seducer, among other roles.  His career as a libertine forms the core of his story.  In great detail he lists over 120 women as lovers as well as, obliquely, several men.  He also describes his attraction to young girls. 

History of My Life is an odd book.  While it is groundbreaking in its honest depiction of sexuality, it is revolting in its portrayal of a sexual predator.

S. Gray

March 2023

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