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John Silver



John Silver (b. 1959) is a British painter of erotic nudes.  His pictures are oil on canvas board.  He uses the techniques of the Old Masters, painting a grisaille undercoat and glazing colors over it and, as the Old Masters did, making his own oils.  Employing a modern touch, though, he photographs his models and utilizes the photographs as a reference.  He has also painted animals, fantasy and landscapes.  Coming out of a commercial artist background, Silver came to professional painting late in life.  He is now a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists.  He has been honored with the Best New Artist award by the Fine Art Trade Guild and the Best Artist award by the Guild of Erotic Artists. His pictures are in several private collections and art galleries.

I liked John Silver’s paintings.  They are straight-forward but sensual depictions of women. (Above is In Her Own World).

S. Gray

December 2022

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