May 1, 2016

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May 1, 2016


I crouched up in the mountain stream that overlooked Sidney Park. In the southern heat, it was cooler up by the water.  I had moved to moved to Columbia, South Carolina in 1991.  Suddenly, I pulled out the script for Ceremonies.  I had been thinking about the book and had realized that I must write about all of relationships: meeting, flirting, hanging out, making love, arguing, breaking up and a thousand other interactions. And about all the discoveries, stupidities, graces, etc., that came out of that.  In the last couple years, in my few attempts at Ceremonies, I had initially focused on the physical act and then later I had mostly broadened the book to the struggle with painting.  I realized now it had to reflect every bit of relationships.  For a few hours in the park, I fiddled with the book   But I was wrapped up in the Vietnam War Resistance book.

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