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Zebedy Colt



Zebedy Colt (1929-2004) was an American musician, actor and director.  A mainstream actor on Broadway and in Hollywood, he recorded I’ll Sing for You, a ground-breaking gay album in the late 1960’s.  He also became involved in erotic films at that time.  As an actor, performing both straight and gay roles, he appeared in Barbara Broadcast, The Story of Joanna, Manhold and Sex Wish. As a director, he made Framer’s Daughters, White Fire, The Devil Inside Her, Unwilling Lover and Terri’s Revenge.  In the 1980’s he retired from adult films because of what he saw as the drop in quality of the films and his concern about the criminal element behind the industry.

Zebedy Colt was important in gay erotica and in the Golden Age of erotic films.  His performance as the butler in The Story of Joanna was remarkable.

                                                                                      S. Gray

May 2023

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