August 20, 2020

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August 20, 2020




X-Art is an internet website featuring erotic videos.  It was created by Brigham Field and Colette Pelissier Field in 2009.  Their intent was to create an elegant and intimate eroticism on film.  The sexuality is various, including intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, threesomes and lesbianism.  Many of them runway models and some of them couples in real-life, the actors are gorgeous young men and women.  Most perform only in X-Art films.  Many of the women do not allow ejaculations into their vaginas.  (The semen displayed is actually conditioner).  Since they are rising film talents, some of the directors are anonymous.  X-Art’s production values are high, including filming in foreign locations, such as Ibiza, Madrid and Prague.  The cinematography is thoroughly professional, and the stories avoid the usual adult film clichés.  With the film “Farewell” in 2012, they moved into feature films.

I have always enjoyed the art-house quality of X-Art’s films.  They are beautifully-made and powerfully-arousing works.

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