June 28, 2019

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June 28, 2019



                                         HOMEGROWN VIDEOS

Homegrown Videos is an adult entertainment company that releases amateur erotic videos. Everyday people film themselves engaging in

sex. It was the first company to distribute this kind of video and remains the premier company to do so. The company was founded by video store owner Greg Swaim in 1982 in San Diego. Video cameras and VHS tapes had recently become available. Swaim used them to film his locally popular sex parties, then began encouraging people to sell him their videos. He offered the videos for rent at his store. In 1993 Swaim sold the company to Tim Lake, an erotic movie performer. Lake expanded the business by distributing the videos world-wide and taking them onto cable television and the internet. Homegrown Videos has won 11 AVN Awards and 2 XBIZ Awards for Best Amateur Release, Best Amateur Series and Niche Studio of the Year. It is the longest running series of erotic videos in history.

Homegrown Videos provides a refreshing take on erotic videos. Attractiveness of the performers vary. But their passion (and their humor) is very real.
June 2019

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