November 26, 2017

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November 26, 2017




Amateur Allure is an adult entertainment website featuring young women with the “girl next door” look. The female performers either are appearing in a sex scene for the first amateurallurelogotime (and may never appear again) or they are brand new to the business. A man called “Thomas”, who handles all the production tasks, is the male performer. The format: a short interview; a display of physical attributes; oral sex; and intercourse, usually doggy-style, followed by missionary. Occasionally other routines spice things up: threesomes, foursomes, holiday themes, costumes. The women are treated respectfully and affectionately. Production values are high. The women are elegantly made-up with attractive haircuts and clothes. The setting is a stylish apartment. Camera work uses a soft halo effect and includes the camera swooping behind or alongside the woman as she performs fellatio. As the website’s signature move, the man releases in the woman’s mouth and asks her to show the results on her tongue. The site won the 2015 Adult Video Network Best Pro-Am Release Award.
Amateur Allure is the best adult entertainment site for the “girl next door” look. Highly recommended.
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