March 2, 2017

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March 2, 2017




Julien Mandel (1872-1935) was a French photographer of nudes.  He posed his models in classical poses, both in the studio and out-of-doors.  (One of his models was Julian_Mandel_4Alice Prin, the famous Kiki of Montparnasse).  He was active in Paris from the 1910s to the 1930s.  His work was published by Alfred Noyer, Les Studios, P-C Paris, and the Neue Photographische Gesellschaft.  The photos were postcard-sized, though they were not meant to be mailed.  (The cards were considered to be obscene).  “J. Mandel” was stamped on each postcard.  The cards sold in large numbers and are now considered collectable items. 

Mandel wanted erotic photography to be seen as an art.  He created exquisite photographs, painting with tones of light.  His work was art

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