August 10, 2016

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August 10, 2016


I received the proof copy of Ceremonies today.  It looks really good!  I will now order a shipment.  Cost will be $15, shipping and handling included.  Be the first on your block to get Ceremonies!ceremoniesbook
The Paypal account for Ceremonies is active.  You may pre-order a copy at Purchase Ceremonies.  You can also make out a check to “Ceremonies” and mail it to “Ceremonies, PO Box 4055, Roanoke VA 24015”.    I encourage you to order from me through Paypal or the PO Box as I will make more money. (It’s not easy being a starving artist!)
Ceremonies is also available as an ebook.  Cost is $5.  Please order it from Lulu at this point.
To the right is the cover.
I also plan to peddle it through other sources, like Amazon and Lulu.  And to promote it any way I can.
Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest!

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