August 4, 2016

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August 4, 2016


The Paypal account for Ceremonies is active.  You may pre-order a copy at Purchase Ceremonies.  You can also make out a check to “Ceremonies” and mail it to “Ceremonies, PO Box 4055, Roanoke VA 24015”.    I ceremoniesbookencourage you to order from me through Paypal or the PO Box as I will make more money. (It’s not easy being a starving artist!)
I’m waiting for the proof copy, which should arrive around August 10, and then must order a consignment.  Book will cost $15, shipping and handling included.  Be the first on your block to get Ceremonies!
To the right is the cover of Ceremonies.  I’m still thinking about it so it may change…..
(Please see August 10 update).

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